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In the Mill Team Higmo's has decided to take a year off of Saw Mill Days. We thank all of our exhibitors, helpers and attendees for all the great years and memories you have given us. We hope to see you in 2015.

July 5th, 2014 is the last day the Saw Mill Division will be open to the public. (This does not effect the ongoing operations of the Logging Division.) We are closing it for the time being hopefully to re-open in the future. Thanks to all our loyal customers.

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If you go back all the way, Higmo's was founded in 1955 when the original sawmill was set up by Ralph Higgins as a side project to the dairy farm... but eventually burned from a gasoline leak. The small dairy farm industry eventually burned itself out too in the late 60's, so Ralph drove a truck instead to support his growing family. A serious accident in 1970 left Ralph paralyzed for 6 months, from which he would never fully recover. All hands on deck pitched in through the latter part of the century to cut hay in the summer and logs & pulp in the winter for income to hold onto the family farmland.

All hope for a sawmill was not lost however. As Allen (a.k.a. Higmo) and Marcia shared a common interest in wood and learning how to saw lumber. A few Uncle Henry's trips later a vintage circular sawmill was rising from the ashes of the original mill location. Paula Hersom soon joined the team and through a lot of hard work and dedication Higmo's was born.

Higmo's is now a full time logging/lumber operation based on "farm family get the job done" attitudes & values. Still run by it's founding three members (although we get some help sometimes from a revolving cast of part time seasonal helpers). We don't seem to say no to anything so give us a shout on your next project and see if we can help your dream become a reality.

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Allen Higgins - songwriter/guitarist and owner of Higmo's Inc.
Lumber-Music-Logging has won a Nashville Songwriting Contest through
Paramountsong.com for his song "Your Name On It"

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